Portable Massage Chairs

Even a massage that lasts for 15 minutes can do much. How many times you have wanted to have a quality time with your family and have some time for yourself and wished you can do it at the same time? Have the best of both worlds with portable massage chairs. Go buy one and experience relaxation anytime anywhere with such chairs. You can enjoy having a massage even on parks, beaches and anywhere you want to. Most kinds are lightweight that is why they are easy to carry and compact that it can fit in your car. If one will use it in a regular basis, it can help in reducing the ever-present problem of back pains. Also, massage chairs got a lot of features that are unique to one another, catering to your different needs and preferences. It is definitely a must-have!
Aosom Black 3.5″ Foam Portable Massage Chair Tattoo Chair Spa Chair

Whether you have a massage business or just for home use, portable massage chairs are always the best choice. They do not cost that much but give you much more benefits.

•    With Free Durable Carrying Case

The tough carrying case keeps the product on top form and can be practically thrown over the shoulders for easy carrying.

•    With Aluminum Face Cradle

The face cradle of this  Aosom Black 3.5″ Foam Portable Massage Chair is solid and sturdy and because it’s aluminum so it is light.

•    3.5″ foam padding

The padding is thick, yet it can give the users the utmost comfort they deserve.

•    600 lb Weight Capacity

The Aosom portable massage chair can hold up to 600 pounds so it can cater to almost any user. Even the overweight people should not have any problem with it.

•    Lightweight Chair

The chair is only 20 Pounds, so light to carry.

Ironman Portable Massage Chair

Manage your stress by having a massage right after a full day’s work. The Ironman Portable massage Chair is designed for individuals who have special needs.

•    Rich burgundy color

The burgundy color makes it easy to clean and helps it stay nice-looking as the stains will not be that visible.

•    Aircraft aluminum frame

Such kind of frame makes the chair lightweight without compromising the sturdiness of the product and the safety of the users.

•    Contoured chest pad

The chest pad is suitable for pregnant women and those who had mastectomy.

•    Light weight – 17.7lbs

The product does not weigh that much that is why it so easy to carry.

•    Folds and easily carried

Because it is foldable, it will not eat up much of your space and can fit almost anywhere.

Black 4″ Portable Massage Chair Tattoo Spa Free Carry Case

Gone are the days that massage chairs are just for home use. Get a massage and relax anywhere and anytime with Black 4″ Portable Massage Chair portable massage chair.

•    100% Ultra Soft PU Exterior

There is an abundant, soft padding to ensure the comfort of users. It will surely make the massaging experience perfect and rewarding.

•    Adjustable Pieces

The seat, and the head and hand rest can be adjusted according to your preference.

•    Set up size: 29″ L x 48″ H x 18″ W

Such measurements will not invade much of your space, not to mention that it is easy to set up.

•    Bonus Carry Case

The free carry case allows you the ease of carrying the massage chair anywhere. It also serves as a protector from dents, dirt and others for you to be sure that it will last longer.

•    Superior Capacity: 700 LB static, 300 LB working

It supports 700 pounds static weight.

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