Shiatsu Massage Chairs

Massage can benefit a wide range of people, from the infants to our elderly. It is proven to aid in obtaining not just a strengthened immune system but good health in general. Massage chairs, irrespective of its kind and brand is absolutely a good investment. Shiatsu massage chairs certainly invigorate one’s individual, mental and emotional being. Most people do not realize how much stressed out they are until they obtain a good massage. Shiatsu is one massage type that has been famous. It originated from Japan and has been well-accepted worldwide ever since. It applies pressure to the points of the body that are worn out the most. Shiatsu can make the tender muscles to become flexible again. It can provide someone a mind that is calmed, free from any stress even for a time. It also improves one’s posture. A daily 15-minute Shiatsu massage is certainly increasing the connection between your mind and body.
Comfort Trends CT-20 Luxury Shiatsu Massage Lounger with Comfort Cell Memory Foam
Massage loungers are state-of-the-art mechanisms that will provide you the kind of service you can obtain from real massage therapists. With this Comfort Trends CT-20 Luxury Shiatsu Massage Lounger with Comfort Cell Memory Foam you can have at the comfort of your own home.
•    12-roller “Head-to-Toe Shiatsu” massage robot system (4 back rollers, 8 calf & foot rollers)
Get fully relaxed by having a full-body massage.
•    Comfort Cell memory foam throughout the entire chair
This gives the users maximum comfort.
•    Luxurious leather upholstery and smooth electric recline operation
This combines comfort, technology and luxury as it can recline up to 175 degrees flat.
•    New leg rest cover removes easily to reveal the hidden calf and foot massage wells
Sooth your tired feet for a complete and more invigorating massage.
•    Manufacturer’s 5 year limited warranty
Although the chair looks a bit pricey, you can still save some dollars because of the 5-year warranty.

Pure Therapy PT500 Remote Control Operated Reclining Shiatsu Massage Chair with Elite Shoulder, Back and Calf Therapy
Pure Therapy PT500 is a good deal. It can give you the kind of service that you can obtain from a spa. This is specially designed to give you the comfort you need most after a tiring day at work and/or at home. Check out its features below:
•    Plenty of massage Combinations
There are 528 combinations from many pre-programmed massages and techniques for you to choose from like kneading, pressing, tapping and others. You can customize the service you want to obtain.
•    Power-lifted Recliner
The recliner is power-lifted and has a remote control so no there’d be no hassle in using it.
•    Stylish and Long-lasting
Pure Therapy PT500 is fashionable and durable. You can also reach their live customer helpline 24/7. It can also fit almost anywhere in your house as it is not really bulky.

Shiatsu Arm Hand Massage Chair with Jade Heat Therapy, Human Body Scan, Mp3 Synched Massage, 69 Air Bags + More

Anyone can experience luxury, comfort, and technology with Shiatsu Massage Chairs. This product is revolutionary because of the features listed below.
•    69 Air Bags
The 69 air bags can give you the satisfaction of having an air-massage for your lower body.
•    MP3 Massage
Have a jade thermotheraphy with this massage chair. It also has an earphone, LCD, and an Mp3 player which the sound is in synch with the massage.
•    6 various massage programs
This machine can definitely give you the best Shiatsu massage as you can pick from different kinds of massage techniques like knocking, flapping, kneading and a combination.
•    Body Scan tool
The massage chair can recline at 170 degrees. It also has a body scanning feature that scans the massage points in the upper part of the body including the shoulders automatically.

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